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  The major functions of the Computer Center are:
1) to maintain all networks and computer facilities around the campus;
2) to provide computer facilities to the faculty/staff and students for their  teaching, learning
 and researching;
3) to develop and maintain the administrative information systems;
4) to improve the computer related facilities and equipment of the campus;
5) to support training programs in computer related consultancy.
  In Computer Center, there are 8 computer classrooms, 1 print-out service center and 1 e-Multimedia classroom, totaling more than 500 computers. All computers in the classrooms are connected to the campus network with internet access, making on-line instruction and learning exceptionally convenient.
  With Gigabit Ethernet as the network backbone, all buildings on campus are linked with fiber optic cables. Every office, classroom, laboratory, and dormitory has network support. In every corner of the campus-the library, conference rooms, cafeterias, most of outdoor fields, and classrooms, a wireless network environment has been established.Through the wired or wireless network, everyone on the campus can access information, anywhere and anytime to obtain major domestic and international resources for his request.

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