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::: A Message from the President

A Message from the President

Chung-jen, Chin, Ed.D.

President of Chaoyang University of Technology


      Welcome to Chaoyang University of Technology!

       Chaoyang University of Technology is committed to making the school a model for 21st Century academic research and education. We have earned this distinction by offering relevant and rigorous programs developed by a highly qualified faculty of exemplary teachers and outstanding researchers. Our faculty and staff work in concert to help young people realize their dreams, promote student success for promising careers, and enhance human well-being.

     Chaoyang University of Technology is a growing school and possesses diverse functions. We enthusiastically encourage enlightened inquiry and innovative teaching that is at the cutting edge of the changing global economy. We are devoted to establishing the foundation for the new generation of civilization, strengthening communication, information, lifelong learning, and providing the country with well-educated young people distinguished by integrated physical, spiritual, intellectual, and moral development.

?@We strive to serve the society through a variety of academic programs and community services. Aided by distinguishing features, Chaoyang pursues the cultural values, promotes the well-being of the human family, and strengthens world solidarity.

?@Currently, the University comprises 5 colleges, namely College of Management,College of Science and Engineering, College of Design, College of Humanities and Social Sciences, College of Informatics, 5 doctoral programs, 19 master's programs, 22 departments. The student enrollment is above 17,000. We have a long-standing commitment to creating an outstanding learning environment. Drawn by the school??s effort and purist of excellent with the goal of improving the human condition, our enthusiastic faculty contributes to remarkable academic research both in quantity and in quality. The student body encompasses a diverse community united in its drive not only to learn the methods of success but also to attain the foundations of long?Vterm growth.

?@I invite you to learn more about the school, read our Mission Statement, and visit our Web pages. I think you will find that Chaoyang University of Technology works hard to achieve an unrivaled educational experience.

Brief History of the University

Brief History of the University

        Chaoyang University of Technology was founded in 1994 through the generosity of Dr. Tien- sheng Yang, the President of the Ever Fortune Group, a major conglomerate in the R.O.C., in memory of his parents, and in return for the support he received throughout the years from the people and communities of central Taiwan. In 1988, he chose a site in Wufeng Township of Taichung County, and after six years of preparation, on April 14, 1994, the school received permission from the Ministry of Education to begin accepting students as "Chaoyang Institute of Technology." The school takes its name from a passage in the Chinese classical work," The Book of Changes," which captures the school's vigorous growth and its students' active commitment to learning.

        In its first year, Chaoyang had eight departments and over 900 students. Due to its commitment to the quality in education and outstanding achievements, on August 1, 1997, Chaoyang was designated by the Ministry of Education as a University of Technology, the highest level in the polytechnic educational system in the R.O.C. This designation, coming only three years after Chaoyang opened its doors, set a record in the educational history of Taiwan, which remains unbroken.

        In addition to its new designation, Chaoyang has continued to expand, and today boasts 5 colleges, 5 doctoral programs, 19 master's programs, and 22 departments, as well as General Education Center, Office of Research and Development, and preschool at CYUT.

        The faculty and staff now number about 600 in all and the student enrollment is about 17,000.

The School Code and Insignia

The School Code and Insignia

Diligence : earnest study in pursuit of the truth

Betterment : self-cultivation to add strength of character

Practice : self-discipline in service to the public

Chairman, Board of Trustees of CYUT (Founder of CYUT )

Chairman, Board of Trustees of CYUT (Founder of CYUT  )

  1. Chairman, Ever Fortune Industrial Co., Ltd.
  2. Chairman, Poding Culture & Education Foundation
  3. Chairman, Taiwan Provincial Poding Social Welfare Public Service Charities Foundation
  1. Representative, the 1st-Term National Assembly, and Chairman, the 1st-Term National Assembly Committee
  2. Chairman, Chang Sheng Power Company. (Hai-hu Power Plant in Taoyuan)
  3. General Director, Chinese National Federation of Industries
  4. President, Construction Engineering Association of the R.O.C.
  5. President, Taiwan Provincial Construction Engineering Association
  6. President, Taiwan Provincial Industrial Association
  7. President, Taiwan Provincial Leather Association
  8. President, Taichung County Industrial Association
  9. President, Table Tennis Association of the R.O.C.
  10. Founder, Pan Asia Bank
  11. Chairman, Chang Sheng International Development Co., Ltd.
  12. Chairman, Yue-Mei International Development Co., Ltd. (Yamay World)

Former Board Chairman

Former Board Chairman

  1. President, Headquarter of China Youth Corps
  2. General Director, Taiwan Provincial Committee of Kuomintang Party
  3. Director, Organization and Development Committee, Central Committee of KMT
  4. President, Broadcasting Corporation of China
  5. National Policy Advisor (to Dr. Teng-Huei Lee, the Formal President of the R.O.C.)

School Values

In its policies and administration, the University upholds the following values and requires the following programs:
??It values professional knowledge, a global perspective, communication and cooperation, and the ability to make timely use of all relevant information.
??It emphasizes proper conduct, professional ethics, good judgment, and a responsible attitude.
??It requires all students to complete a labor education program in order to develop a balanced physical and mental work ethic.
??It instills self-discipline and self- respect in the students, and cultivates their ability to live and study as independent and autonomous individuals.
??It emphasizes academic exchange in order to combine local and international strengths and raise academic standards.
??It will establish technical research and development centers, and provide service to industry through technical cooperation.

Educational Goals

??It should respect academic freedom, uphold the dignity of education,and foster an ethical and democratic learning environment.
??It should develop skilled professional with high standards of ethics and character, to meet the needs of society.
??It should put the school motto of "Diligence, Betterment, and Practice" into Practice.
??It should emphasize practical teaching and research in order to fulfill the goals of polytechnic education.
??It should promote exchange and cooperation among industry, government, and academic to raise the standards of industry.
??It should give ourselves to Taiwan, transcend Asia, and challenge the world, always seekingexcellence.

Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart

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Education Blueprint

Motto diligence  betterment   practice

Diligence : earnest study in pursuit of the truth
Betterment : self-cultivation to add strength of character
Practice : self-discipline in service to the public

Incubating students qualified with professional knowledge and vocational ethics

Contributing ourselves to Taiwan, growing continuously

Advancing teaching quality; cultivating professional students.
Incubating humanity, sophistication, and presenting social responsibility.
Strengthening academic exchange; expanding global vision.
Pursuing academic prominence; facilitating cooperation with industry.
Developing life-long learning; promoting community service.

School Grounds & Building Space

66.4 hectares

         Current school facilities include the Administration, Information, Science and Engineering, Teaching, Humanities and Technology, Design and Management Building, Poding Memorial Library, the Freshman dormitories, Parking Building, the University's affiliated Kindergarten and the athletics Building, a total of 12 buildings, with total floor space of 157,428 square meters, a 400 meter athletic field, and basketball, tennis, and volleyball courts for physical education instruction and faculty and student leisure use.

168, Jifeng E. Rd., Wufeng District, Taichung, 41349 Taiwan, R.O.C.
TEL:886-4-23323000 FAX:886-4-23329898
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