The department has ten research laboratories, equipped with the best and latest high-tech equipment, for research and instruction.

Research Groups

   Currently, the department has six major research groups, each of which focuses on a specific research area:

  • Production System: Production and Maintenance Scheduling, System Optimization, Reliability Analysis.
  • Human Factors: Motion Analysis, Product Design, Man-Machine Interface Design, Performance Evaluation.
  • Virtual Manufacturing System: Virtual Reality, Virtual Model and Control Interface Design, Visualization.
  • Intelligent Quality Management: Computer Vision, Data Mining, Soft Computing, Quality Information system.
  • Global Logistics Management: Supply/Demand Chain Management, Electronic Commerce, Logistic Management.
  • Management Information System: Database Systems, Information Technology Application.

   In the past ten years, the department has received from the National Science Council a total of eleven research awards and ninety-two research projects. Funding for these projects totaled NT$33 million. In addition, the department faculty members currently conduct three research projects sponsored by local industries and two other such projects sponsored by the Ministry of Education, a total of NT$6.38 million.

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