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Welcome to Physical Education Office Website!!

Presently our Physical Education Office has 9 full-time teachers and 28 part-time teachers who have the capabi lity of conducting professional instruction, and are able to provide the teaching faculty, administrative staffs, and students the professional knowledge and suggestions of promoting the physical fitness and regular exercise.

Sports Facilities

  Outdoor Sports Facilities:

Basketball Court x 8
Volleyball Court x 8
Tennis Court x 3 (PU)
Football Field x 1
400 meters Standard Track and Field Course
  (The outdoor sport facilities are all with night time lighting.)

  Indoor Sports Facilities:

Badminton Court x 5 (Height: 8m )
Rhythmical activities Classroom x 1
Judo Classroom x 1: Self-defense Techniques
Table Tennis x 15


Courses Provided

Table Tennis

Rhythmical activities Dancing
Self-defense Techniques

Tai Chi Intoductory
Stretching  and Massage

Special-contracted Swimming Pool

At present, we have a special-contracted swimming pool which the swimmer can enjoy the preferential rate as long as the swimmer carries the certificates of teachers and administrative staff or the student's ID card.

  Lai Lai Swimming Pool: Preferential Rate NTD 100 (Original Price NTD 180)
  No. 547, Chenggong Road , Dali City , Taichung County , Taiwan , R.O.C.
  Tel: 886-4-24923433

Open Hours~
  Before November°XMondays to Sundays 5:30 °„ 11:30 °Ģ 13:00 °„ 21:30
  After November°XMondays to Saturdays 6:00 °„ 11:30 °Ģ 13:00 °„ 21:15
  Sundays 6:00 °„ 11:30 °Ģ 13:00 °„ 18:00