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國際暨兩岸合作處 International and Cross-Strait Cooperation




外國學生入學後,得向本校研究發展處申請獎助學金。獎助學金金額:每名學生每學期獎助新台幣二萬五千元為原則。本獎學金每學期接受申請1次。大學部四技生至多得申請8次、二技生至多得申請4次、碩士生至多得申請4次、博士生至多得申請8次。同時,外國學生亦可申請政府核發之台灣獎學金。有關獎學金訊息請參考 下列網址



International Student Scholarship

Registered international students may apply to the Office of Research and Development for scholarships. An amount of NT$25,000 per semester will be granted to each recipient. Scholarship applications are accepted once for each semester.

During the pursuit of degree, undergraduate students are limited to 8 and 4 applications for the 4-year and 2-year program students respectively. Graduate students are limited to 4 and 8 applications for master’s and doctoral students respectively. International students can also apply for the Taiwan Scholarship offered by the government. For further information, please refer to