Welcome Speech for Freshers
Dear New Students,
        Welcome to Chaoyang! You should be happy and proud of yourself when you read this mail because you have become part of the Chaoyang Family. My hearty welcome to all of you!
        The phoenix flowers still bloom and sway in splendor this summer. However, our nation is going through a severe epidemic challenge that makes us unable to embrace and welcome you face to face. We can only express our warmest wishes and care by sending you our well-prepared information to help you quickly adapt to university life. I am sure that once the government has released the epidemic restrictions, you can come to the campus and have a walk. Step on the Red Brick Plaza and get familiar with the environment where you will start your wonderful campus life. But before that, allow me to extend my welcome with this mail. I hope you can take this as a companion in your significant page of life.
        Wufeng is a place with beautiful scenery gathering people and culture. You can enter the Chaoyang campus while walking up to the hill. That is where you realize your dreams. Looking back, Chaoyang has entered its 27th year since its establishment in 1994. Our achievements and impacts in academics and research won recognition in various international rankings. I have to share the recent good news with you here. The university has entered several rankings of the Times Higher Education, including 1000+ in World University Rankings 2021, 400+ in Asia University, 400+ in Young University, 500+ in Emerging Economies, 601-800 in Impact Rankings, 601-800 by the subject of Computer Science and 801-1000 by the subject of Engineering. Besides, we also listed 501-550 in the Quacquarelli Symonds (QS) Asia University Rankings 2021. Locally, we are the best-performed university and enterprises’ favorite private technological university awarded by the Global-View Magazine in 2021. We ranked first in the CommonWealth USR University Citizen Rankings 2021 and the Cheers Magazine granted us the Excellence Performance Award. Theses and dissertations of our faculty and students are cited the most for 9 consecutive years.
        Open yourself to all possibilities in Chaoyang. The bigger your mind, the greater your success. The more perseverance, the stronger your action. Put your attention into learning and work hard constantly night and day. Do good as a student, absorb the best knowledge and experience and learn the proper way of socializing with people. As such, you can ultimately reach your dreams. Starting from today, be the designers of your lives and together we picture our campus with concentration, diligence, and patience. Learn as much as you can because that is your asset in this rapidly changing era. University study is the most beautiful stage of your life. It is also a precious moment for preparing future career and transforming what you have learned into your strengths. The gate and path of Chaoyang are opened right here in front of you. Feel free to explore, discover and dig into it, imbibe the nutrition you need. Sow your saplings of knowledge into the rich soil of Chaoyang and grow as you learn. One day, your flowers will blossom and fruits will bear. Congratulations again to all freshers. I wish you all a happy campus life and an academically fulfilling journey ahead.

   Tao-Ming Cheng