Chao-Kuei Hung: Fighting for Freedom of Information at Taiwan

Hello, my name is Chao-Kuei Hung (洪朝貴). All of my computers run GNU/Linux (of various distributions). I spend most of my time blogging about and plurking about freedom of speech, freedom of choice of computer technologies, freedom from technical surveillance, transparent government, privacy, attention economy, etc., almost exclusively in Traditional Chinese. Most of the time I read slashdot's "Your Rights Online", EFF, and Techdirt, summarizing their stories into Chinese plus giving my comments. My twitter accoun is mostly used as an addtional source of readings rather than as a medium of expression.

Occasionally I contribute to wikipedia and github.

When I am "away from the keyboard", I teach at the Information Management Department at Chaoyang University of Technology as an associate professor and give talks about free software, free culture, and the truth of copyright brain washing.

Contact info:

  1. ckhung at cyut dot education dot taiwan (actually
  2. Drop a private message at plurk.