I spent an entire day to draw this picture using inkscape. I think it would be a pity if I show it only to the conference attendees. So here it is. I am grateful to have found nice drawings from wikimedia, such as Butters, squirrel, and kiwi, to include in my drawing. I never got good grades in drawing in the elementary school, and I had seldom drawn between then and 1996, when I started advocating FLOSS and the danger of proprietary file formats. By that time I was too old to learn good drawing. So please excuse the crude quality. I hope you enjoy the ideas in the drawing, especially the text in the underwear of the Lord of Authors. You need to save the svg file and zoom in in inkscape in order to read it. But then you would give him a very good reason to shoot you using the DMCA gun. You have been warned. BTW, I feel a strong urge to draw a handcuff on the male genital instead of on the hand. because it really rings very well with Big Brother's command: "Thou Shalt not Reproduce without permission". But I don't have the guts to do so. :-)

This picture is distributed under the creative-commons attribution share-alike license. You are invited to improve on it. I would appreciate if you let me know. Please also show it to the poor souls who don't know that their computers report back to the Big Brother once every two weeks. Your voice (and her voice, and his; our voices together) is the key to unlock the handcuffs that the Big Brother has placed on the consumers' and programmers' hands.