As a board member of Software Liberty Association, Taiwan, I am involved in preparing a panel discussion of International Conference on Open Source 2007. We have invited Microsoft, Novell, Ministry of Education (and Ministry of Justice under invitation process), and two SLAT board members (including myself) to discuss a humble request from SLAT. We are currently discussing details with Microsoft. We expect this to be an event of historical and global significance whether the outcome is positive or negative. However, we need your attention and spotlight for enriching its significance. We therefore invite you, citizen journalists who care about political issues in the field of Information and Computer Technology, or your friends/contacts in Taiwan, to come to Taipei and make audio and/or video recordings of this event on Nov 2 (Fri) morning. By having recordings other than the SLAT's official version, and by getting bloggers to give constructive comments on the responses of the panelists, we expect this event to serve as an example of what could also be arranged in other countries about Microsoft, free software, and use of software in general without resort to costly legal procedures. Please do circulate this URL not only to GNU/Linux users, but also to other citizen journalists who might be interested in such a topic. Thank you very much!