From now on, all English and other non-Chinese articles related to bootable usb sticks (keys/thumb drives) will be tagged as "usb boot". I was not consistent about this earlier and now I expect to write a few English articles about bootable usb sticks. Sorry about causing inconvenience... (Hopefully not too many English readers were reading my "usb boot" related posts; and hopefully there will be many more in a few months.)

從現在起, 所有與 「隨身碟開機」 相關的中文文章, 都改以 "隨身碟開機" 標示。 先前用 "usb" 當標籤, 沒考慮英文文章該怎麼辦; 現在想用英文寫幾篇關於 usb 碟開機的文章, 所以更正。 麻煩讀者更新囉... 抱歉!