Slides for Chao-Kuei Hung's Talks

I enjoy preaching Libre Software (FLOSS) and explaining the threats to consumer rights posed by proprietary information technologies such as DRM and TC. I have given a lot of talks in Taiwan, and one in Macao, one at LSM 2005 in France. The topics of my talks are listed below. Those URL's link to the Chinese version of the slides. However, English is used in most of the pictures. I will be glad to re-do these slides and talk in English when invited and given appropriate scheduling.

I believe that it is the non-CS majors, non-geeks that are in most urgent need of the FLOSS concepts. Therefore the content of most of my talks are far from being technical (except regexp which is directed towards CS majors and Dr. Geo which is directed towards math majors). I have many successful experiences in bringing school teachers (of various subjects other than computer) and parents to appreciate the potential value of FLOSS to their children.


  1. A Challenge to the GUI-Centric Paradigm of Information Education for the General Public
  2. Libre Software Advocacy as an Education Problem

(Chinese version of the talks:)

  1. A Long Term Strategy for ICT Learning Investment
  2. Human Right Issues in the Information Age
  3. The Past and Future of Libre Software
  4. The Cultural and Social Values of Libre Software
  5. Regular Expressions: An Alternative Strategy of Learning Computers
  6. Dr. Geo: A Math Teaching Toy that Physics Teachers Will Also Love
  7. Libre Software and Business