Name Title Also as
Hwa-Na Chang Chief Officer for Environmental Safety and Health Assistant Vice President for General Affairs
Wen-Da Hsiao Director  
Ming-Hsiung Chen
Contact Environmental Protection on campus  
Chien-Cheng Chiu  Contact Personnel for Occupational Safety and Hygiene  
    The duties that the Environmental Safety and Health Center is charged with environmental protection to the
health of students and research staff, regarding planning and implementing various aspects of environmental
protection, safety and health, such as safety and hygiene training, chemical materials control, staff health
    Anything that involves incidents with people and materials in a laboratory is a concern of the Center. Over
recent years, the Center has implemented active monitoring of the campus background and indoor air quality
in laboratories, taking the initiative to check on the campus environment.
    CYUT have received  ISO 14001 environmental management system certificates in 2008.We are now taking a
systematic approach to managing environmental issues since 2008.
    "Care for the Sustainable Development Campus, Energy-saving and Our Green Earth" is a major theme of
CYUT social responsibility. This phrase sums up just how important the issue of environmental protection is to
everyone at CYUT.
Work Performed
Plan and supervise recycling programs
1. Plan and supervise resource recycling.
2. Provide education on resource recycling.
Hazardous waste collection, transportation, and disposal, including:
1. Handle the disposal materials from incidents of infection.
2. Handle hazardous waste materials in laboratories.
Environmental monitoring on campus
1. Baseline monitoring for campus environmental quality.
2. Monitoring of water quality on campus.
Training and promotion on safety and hygiene, including:
1. Provide radiation protection workshops for staff.
2. Practice general educational training on safety and hygiene.
3. Provide chemical-protection equipment workshops.
4. Provide hazard communication training on dangerous and harmful materials.
Management and demonstration of environmental safety and hygiene, including:
1. Draw up related rules.
2. Inspect the Colleges of Science and Engineering, Design.
Apply for licenses and make reports, including:
1. Report laboratory waste produce, storage, clearance and disposal.
2. Report monthly on the condition of sealed-radioactive materials.
3. Report occupational accidents.
4. Approve work rules on the safety and health of each campus laboratory.
5. Apply, report on and manage toxic chemicals.
Assistance to relevant committees and scheduling of meetings
1.Committee of Environmental Protection and Occupational Safety and Hygiene.
2.Committee of Toxic Substance Management.
3.Committee of Green University.
Contact Us
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Fax: 886-4-2374-2398
Office: Administration Building Room A-102
Address: 168 Jifong E. Rd., Wufong District, Taichung , 41349, Taiwan, R.O.C.