Concepts of Object Orientation

Last updated: Mar. 01, 2006


Why Model?

Four Principles of Modeling:

Basic Principles of Object Orientation:

Example of Abstraction:

Encapsulation Illustrated:

Example of Modularity:

Example of Hierarchy:

What Is an Object?

What Is a Class?

Representing Classes in the UML:

The Relationship Between Classes and Objects:

Class Relationships:

What is Navigability?

What IS an Association?

What Is Multiplicity?

Unspecified @
Exactly One 1
Zero or More 0..*
Zero or More *
One or More 1..*
Zero or One (optional scalar role) 0..1
Specified Range 2..4
Multiple, Disjoint Ranges 2,4..6

What Is Aggregation?

What Is Composition?

What is a Structured Class?

Class Diagram versus Structure Diagram:

What Is Generalization?