Hsien-Chou Liao



Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering
Chaoyang University of Technology

168 Jifong E. Rd., Wufong Township Taichung County, 41349, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
: +886-4-23323000#4211
: +886-4-23742375

B.S. Dept. of Computer Science and Information Engineering, National Chiao Tung University, 1987-1991
Dept. of Computer Science and Information Engineering, National Chiao Tung University, 1992-1998

Research Interests

Pervasive Computing
Location-Aware Service
Context Reasoning Technique
Mobile Computing
Computer Vision
Software Engineering


Chairman of the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, Chaoyang University of Technology, 2012/8/1-Now
Professor, Chaoyang University of Technology, 2012/8/1-Now
Associate Professor, Chaoyang University of Technology, 2007/7/1-2012/7/31
Secretary of College of Informatics, Chaoyang University of Technology, 2008/8/1-2010/7
Head of Software Design Section, Chaoyang University of Technology, 2005/2-2006/7
Assistant Professor, Chaoyang University of Technology, 2000/8-2007/6
Software Engineer, Institute of Information Industry, 1996/9-1998/3


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Research Grants (NSC: National Science Council, MoE: Ministry of Education, IAC: Industry-Academic Cooperation)

NSC(2000/12-2001/7)   “A Study of a Visual Environment for Information Processing” (NSC89-2218-E-324-009)
IAC(2001/3-2002/2)      “The Implementation of a UNIX-based Internet Printing Tool” (Nadio Inc.)
NSC(2001/8-2002/7)     “A Study of the Layered Structure of VEIP (Visual Environment for Information Processing)” (NSC 90-2213-E-324-008)
IAC(2002/8-2003/12)    “The Design and Implementation of a Monitoring System for Personal Computers and Servers” (Dataknit Co., Ltd.)
NSC(2003/8-2004/7)     “A Study of a Mobility Model for Location Aware Computing” (NSC 92-2213-E-324-018)
MoE(2003/8-2004/7)     “The Integration of Wireless Network and Next Generation Internet (Sub-project 4: The Construction of Handheld Device Software Development Environment”
MoE(2004/4-2004/12)   “National Universities/Colleges IT Personnel Training Project” (Software Engineering Consortium)
NSC(2004/8-2005/7)     “The Related Pervasive Computing Studies and Implementations Focused on Massive Location Data (I)
(NSC 93-2213-E-324-028)
NSC(2005/8-2006/7)     “The Related Pervasive Computing Studies and Implementations Focused on Massive Location Data (II)
(NSC 94-2213-E-324-028)
MoE(2005/4-2007/11)   “E-LIFE Project (Sub-project IV: The Construction of Teaching and Research Environment  Supporting Smart Home)”
MoE(2006/5-2007/1)     “National Universities/Colleges IT Personnel Training Project
The Software Engineering Foundation Course Enrichment Project”
NSC(2006/8-2007/7)     “The Related Study for Practicing Ubiquitous Computing Applications on Handheld Devices” (NSC 95-2221-E-324-042)

IAC(2008/6-2009/2)      “A Computer-Based Fan Test System”
NSC(2008/8-2009/7)     “The Related Study of Visual Surveillance Approach by Incorporating GPS Coordinates of Moving Objects” (NSC 97-2221-E-324-043)
IAC(2009/2-2009/12)    “The Development of Intelligent Image Analysis Algorithm” (Telexper International Inc.)
NSC(2009/6-2009/9)     “The Short-term Visit for Overseas Research of Scientific and Technical Personnel Project” (NSC 98-2918-I-324-002)
NSC(2009/8-2010/7)     “The Study of a Seamless Fusion of GPS Visual Tracking System for Indoor and Outdoor Environment” (NSC 98-2221-E-324-028)
MoE(2010/4-2012/12)   “I-Services Project (Sub-project II: Intelligent Service Robot)”
IAC(2010/7-2011/1)      “The Development of Command Set Programmer for Touch-Panel Embedded System” (Forenex Technology Ltd.)
NSC(2010/8-2011/7)     “The Study of Vehicular Context-Aware Smart Services and Service Loading Mechanism in Ubiquitous Camera Environment “ (NSC 99-2221-E-324-039)
NSC(2010/8-2013/7)     Research on Intelligent Health-care Systems in Green Energy-Based Wireless Sensor Networked Environments (Sub-Project II: A Smart Object Localization System Based on RFID Technology and Visual Tracking Technique” (NSC 99-2632-E-324-001-MY3)

Graduate Students  [Photo Album]

(Gathering photo: 2014/1/21)

Graduate Student List:

Yi-Chun Chang      (2002-2004) A Study of Mobility Model for Generating Movements of Large Mobile Nodes
Wei-Chen Ch
en     (2002-2005)  The Study of an Iconic Programming Tool for MDDL Language
Chia-Hua Lo
        (2002-2006) The Study of Direction Information for Context-Aware Computing
Wen-Feng Chen
   (2003-2005) The Study of Two-Phase SRM for Surveillance of Massive Moving Objects on Mobile Devices
Chih-Hao Liu
        (2003-2005) A Study of a Socket-Plug Framework for Site-Dependent Information Distribution
Yi-Hsiang Wang
   (2003-2005) A Study of a Virus Detection Approach Based on The Memory Symptom During Program Execution
Po-Tso Chin
         (2003-2005) A Study of a Subscription Mechanism for Location-Dependent Information Services
Bo-Yu Lai
            (2003-2005) A Study of Action Groups Discovery for Smart Home
Chia-Chun Yu
      (2004-2006) The Efficiency Improvement Study on Acquiring Direction Context Information
Yun-Hsiang Chao
(2004-2006) The Study of a Location-Dependent Data Encryption Algorithm
Pao-Tang Chu
      (2005-2007) The Study of a GPS-based Visual Surveillance Approach in Multiple Camera Environment
Cheng-Jung Lin
     (2005-2007)  The Study of a WiMAX-based Connectionless Approach for High Mobility MANET
Chien-Chih Tu
      (2005-2007) The Study of a Temporal Context Reasoning Model for Inferring Dangerous Level of a Smart Home Based on RDF and OWL
Ke-chun Liao
       (2005-2007) The Study of a Social-Mobile Framework for Enhancing the Social Interactions
Yuan-Chin Cho
    (2006-2008) The Study of a Calibration Method Based on 2D Image Plane for Dual Camera System
Chun-Hsiung Liao
(2005-2008) The Study of a Fast Path-Based Camera Query Method in UbiCam Environment
Po-Ching Lee
       (2006-2008) The Study of a Novel Vision-based Location Authentication Approach
Wen-Le Liao
        (2006-2008) The Study of a Rule-Based Information Dissemination Protocol in Vehicular Network
Ming Hsieh       (2006-2008) A Study of Camera Relationship Establishment Method Based on Temporal and Spatial Information in Video Clips
Wei-Yi Chen
        (2006-2009) The Study of a Dual-PTZ-camera System for Visual Tracking of a Moving Target in an Open Area
Hong-Jhih Wu
      (2007-2009) The Study of an Automatic Camera Calibration Method Using GPS-enabled Mobile Device
Ching-Wen Chen
  (2005-2010) The Security Analysis and Enhancement of Photographic Authentication
Chun-Yang Lu
      (2007-2010)  A Visual Tracking Method of Multiple Objects Incorporating Global Positioning System
Kuan-Yuan Wu
    (2008-2010) Computer-Based Fan Test System
Chi Lin         (2008-2010) A Target Tracking Method for Incorporating Pan/Tilt/Zoom Cameras and Global Positioning System


1990             IBM National Programming Contest, The First Prize
1991/12/24   National Universities/Colleges Programming Contest, Ministry of Education, Honorable Mention
2002/12/6     2002 Central Vocational Colleges Practical Project Contest and Exhibition, Ministry of Education, The Second Prize in Category of Medical Care, “PDA-based Nursing System”
2004/9/25     2004
National Vocational Colleges Academia-Industry Cooperation Exhibition, Best Match Prize, “Active Server Monitoring System”
2005/12        2004 Excellent Teaching Award in College of Informatics
2006/10/20   2006 National Vocational Colleges Computer Software Design Competition, The First Prize and U-Lead IT Prize, “NP Complete (Notebook and PDA Complete Integration)”
2006/12        2005 Excellent Teaching Award in Chaoyang University of Technology
2007/12/18   2007 National Campus Software Design and Creative Competition, Ministry of Education, Honorable Mention, “A Moving Object Capturing System on an Open Area”
2008/6/10     2007 Excellent Performance Award in College of Informatics
2010/3/19     2009 National Campus Software Design and Creative Competition, Ministry of Education, Honorable Mention, “An Automatic Calibration Technique for Dual-Camera System”


Introduction to Computers
Program Design
Object-Oriented Programming
Data Structure
Computer Organization and Architecture
Windows Programming
Java Programming and Application
Java GUI Programming
Network Programming
Database System
Discrete Mathematics
Introduction to Software Engineering
Handheld Device Programming
Artificial Intelligence
Software Component Technology
Software Engineering
Pervasive Computing