About the department

   The department was established in 1994. Initially, a four-year program is provided for full-time students, while a two-year program is provided for night-time students. The graduate program for full-time students was started in 1996, followed by the graduate program for students at work launched in 2000. The department currently employs 20 full-time faculty members and 3 staffs. Current enrollment consists of 453 full-time students in the four-year program, 108 students in the two-year program, 57 full-time graduate students, and 33 graduate students at work. The total number of students is 651.

   The department’s goal is to train students to become skilled professionals in the field of industrial engineering and management science. In line with the need for national industrial development, the department cultivates students with the ability to optimize the use of resources such as manpower, material, equipment, capital and information. The department has established a professional service center to provide professional services, seminars and training courses for local industries to enrich academic-industry interactions. The department boasts to have great faculties, equipments, and curricula, and is actively devoted to the education of industrial engineering and management so as to contribute to the development of Taiwan’s industry.

Department Philosophy

   The department emphasizes on utilizing the most up-to-date knowledge for its teaching and research endeavors. Subject matters presented such as systematic industrial management, computerization and automation methodologies, provide students with a variety of skills in the field of industrial engineering and management.

   The courses offered complement traditional theoretical engineering training with real world practical applications, providing students with a rich set of job skills. The department’s research, concurrent with the mission of a polytechnic university, is geared towards the current needs of industries, which often results in joint research and multi-discipline/cooperative research projects with industries.

   In addition, in order to aid the development of the students’ global-view and foreign language skills, the department has instituted the following programs:

  • In 1999, an international student exchange program with the California Polytechnic State University was established. Each year two students are selected to study at California Polytechnic State University for a one-year period. So far, a total of seven students have been through this exchange program. In the future, the department will continue to expand international education programs such as this one.
  • In addition to strengthening student’s foreign language skills, with the intention of facilitating the department’s international cooperative education programs, two professional courses are taught in English each semester.

   The department plans to launch a Ph.D. program in the near future, in order to provide Taiwan with researches of the highest caliber in the field of industrial engineering and management.

Professional Aspirations

   Graduates can look forward to rewarding careers in the following fields: In the manufacturing sector, where positions include industrial engineer, production management engineer, quality control engineer, material control engineer, industrial safety engineer, automation system design engineer, computerization engineer etc; In the service sector, where positions include planner, system analyst, system engineer, and various management positions. The department strives to provide an education experience that cultivates students to be future leaders in industries.

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